How to Make Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies Anonymous

A simple guide to making your Bitcoin and other crypto fully anonymous and untraceable in 2024.

Turning your highly traceable bitcoin or other cryptocurrency into perfectly untraceable coins can be done easily in a matter of hours, for as little as 1%. The key is in the details.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are revolutionary technologies that serve a wide variety of uses. One feature that can cause problems is how easy it is for anyone to track transactions on their blockchains. There are situations where some users of Bitcoin and other cryptos may not want their business to be so public.

In previous years, privacy minded people could use what were called Bitcoin Mixers, or Tumblers, to basically “launder” their Bitcoin. However, recent technological advances have made this method obsolete… governments, crypto exchanges, and other companies can now trace your transactions through those mixers.

In 2024, there is one easy way to guarantee you can safely hide the origins of your crypto stash: convert it to Monero, and then back to your desired crypto. Monero, also referred to as XMR, is a privacy based cryptocurrency, that has proven to be untraceable by blockchain analysis companies, governments, law enforcement, or crypto exchanges.

By following the steps in this guide, anyone can make their Bitcoin or other crypto fully anonymous and totally untraceable, in about an hour.

STEP 1: Download and install Tor Browser.

For the user, the Tor Browser works just like any other web browser, except it allows you to visit .onion sites on the Tor network.

Go to:

Download and install the appropriate browser for your operating system.

This step is not completely necessary, but provides increased privacy for the user. It is possible to follow this guide and convert your coins to Monero using the clear net and your regular browser.

STEP 2: Create and backup your Monero wallet.

Choose your preferred Monero software, and create your wallet. Monero functions in much the same way as Bitcoin or other cryptos. We suggest using one of the following wallets, depending on how you prefer to us it:

Desktop: Feather Wallet

Web Wallet: MyMonero

Mobile: Cake Wallet

Once you have created and backed up your Monero wallet information, create and keep handy one or two receiving addresses, that you will use to get your Monero. The addresses are a long string of numbers that start with an “8”.

STEP 3: Exchange your Bitcoin, Ether, or other Crypto to Monero.

Here’s the key: converting your easily traceable crypto to Monero, anonymously. Many exchanges require you to sign up and provide identification, while others don’t work properly with the Tor Browser. That can defeat the entire purpose for some people seeking anonymity.

There are a few options, but we strongly suggest using Xchange. They have been a reliable exchange for more than five years, do not require any kind of signup, have excellent support, function perfectly over Tor, and only charge 1% per exchange.

Open your Tor Browser, and navigate to the following URL:


On their front page, you will see three main options. A box to convert “BTC to XMR”, one for “XMR to BTC”, and below them, a form you can use to convert to over 350 other cryptos. For the purpose of this guide, and because it is what most people do, we will use to “BTC to XMR” option.

Enter the approximate amount of Bitcoin you want to convert, and click the “GO” button. It does not have to be the exact amount you will end up sending; the exchange will work with whatever amount you send. There is essentially no upper limit to how much you can safely exchange using this process.

This brings you to page that displays the summary of the exchange you are about to process, and includes a field to enter your destination address.

Enter your receiving Monero address from Step 2, and then click the button that says
“Go ahead with my exchange”.

After you have done that, it brings you to your “payment” page, which is a unique URL created for your exchange. Bookmark this page, and click and save the link that says “Show PGP Proof”. You will need that information in the rare instance where there is a problem with the exchange.

That page provides you with an address to send your Bitcoin (or other crypto) to. Return to your Bitcoin wallet and send your coins to the provided address, and that’s it! Now it’s just a matter of waiting, usually between 30 minutes to two hours, for your Monero to arrive.

STEP 4: Move your Monero to a secondary addresses.

Once the exchange completes, you will receive the coins in your Monero wallet. Send the Monero you just received to another address of yours. The best practice is to split it up in random amounts to two or three of your addresses.

STEP 5: Either spend your Monero safely, or exchange it back to another crypto.

That’s it, you now have fully anonymous Monero! No one can, or will ever be able to find out the origin of your coins. You can spend the Monero freely, without having to worry about it being traced.

If you want to convert it back, simply repeat Step 3 in reverse. Convert your Monero back to your desired cryptocurrency (using eXch this time), and the link between your old coins and your new ones is severed. You’ll now have totally untraceable Bitcoin, Ether, or any other crpto. You can send is safely to the centralized crypto exchange of your choice, or wherever you choose, and no one will ever be able to trace its origins.


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